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know before you go

We are so excited to have your child part of the Modern Enrichment family! Now that you are successfully registered and enrolled, here's the 411 to know before your child's first class.

  • On the morning your selected Modern Enrichment program is scheduled, take a program card that is located at the front desk of your child's school. In the space provided on the back of the card, please write your child's full name and class room number to ensure your child gets picked up for class.

  • Please be sure to have your child wearing close toed shoes and dressed in comfortable clothing so they can feel comfortable and be focused in class. 

  • If you've signed up your little dancer in Encore, a uniform is not required but by all means we highly encourage it!

Still have questions? No worries! Call or email us and we'll be happy to help!

       1.800.260.2105 .:. 

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